Evaluate the performance of TCN and Ensemble-based models using Word2Vec to your common deep learning architectures

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A. Introduction

A.1. Background & Motivation

Text classification is one of the popular tasks in NLP that allows a program to classify free-text documents based on pre-defined classes. The classes can be based on topic, genre, or sentiment. Today’s emergence of large digital documents makes the text classification task more crucial, especially for companies to maximize their workflow or even profits.

Recently, the progress of NLP research on text classification has arrived at the state-of-the-art (SOTA). It has achieved terrific results, showing Deep Learning methods as the cutting-edge technology to perform such tasks.

Hence, the need to assess the performance of the SOTA deep learning models…

Build models for segmenting Toronto neighborhoods to find the best locations for starting a business

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A. Introduction

A. 1. Background and Business Problem

Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population of more than 2,7 million and a density of 4,334.4 people per square kilometer. The city is renowned as one of the most multicultural cities globally due to its large population of immigrants from all over the globe. This leads the city to become a world leader among other metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities from many sectors, including business.

Build a profitable wind energy demand forecasting model for energy traders based on deep learning.

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Creating a steady supply of energy is always vital as our modern society genuinely depends on this. That is why predictable sources of energy like fossil fuels, or nuclear power, is still favorable. However, the risk of energy shortfall will continually exist, driving us to use finance — to predict and avoid shortages in energy production that possibly cause power outages in the future. One can consider harnessing renewable energy to confront this challenge.

Among those renewable energy sources to date, some are dependent on the environment, such as wind energy. As the name implies, the energy will be produced…

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